Havanese Puppies
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We are a family owned business.  Darryl  Wilson is owner and main  caregiver and Larry Wilson is co-owner and assists with care giving.  Judy Wilson is the Sales Manager and Bookkeeper.   We are located near Wichita, KS in El Dorado, KS.

Our dogs and puppies are family and are given a lot of love and attention.

In 2004 and 2005, we had our Havanese shipped from Hungary.  BoBo is our main male and he is the father or grandfather of almost all of our puppies.       Nancy, Anna, Linda, Dorina, and Hilda are our females that we begin with.  Nancy’s parents and grandparents were champions in Hungary.     

The reason we chose to get our dogs from Hungary, although they are the main dog of Cuba, was because they were smaller and shorter in statue than the Havanese from Cuba.

Havanese are hypoallergenic and non shedding dogs with lots of love  and attention to give to their owner and caregiver and crave the same thing.

AKC, USDA, and State Certified.

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